Gath Convertible Gedi Helmet

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Gath, the brand you know and trust for the best head protection for surfing sports, now delivers the ultimate head protection for all water activities on the edge. Cool, Space-age styling, with quality and performance second to none. Gath backs up its Australian Design Award winning surf helmet with Convertible models for the realistic requirements of professional and recreational sports enthusiasts. With amazing innovation in versatility and style, comfort and protection from the more regular injury mechanisms, and shelter from the elements, Gath continues to lead the way with all the design criteria that are essential for safe and practical water use. The Gedi combines higher levels of impact protection with close-fitting comfort and low drag performance, representing Ric Gath’s response to 10 years of experience and customer feedback. Gedi Convertible Wear with ear pockets for greatest coverage and ear protection; slip ear pockets off to allow for maximum hearing and cooler temperature. Audio vents are adjustable to meet your needs. Keep vents closed for best protection from pressure-induced ear injury. Peak visor comes with Gedi, other visor options available.




Head Measure

Head Measure

Comfort Strip

Additional Strip(s)


54 - 55.5 cm

21-1/4" - 21-3/4"

10.5 mm

12 mm


56 - 57.5 cm

22" - 22-5/8"

7.5 mm

9 mm


58 - 59 cm

22-7/8" - 23-1/4"

4.5 mm

6 & 7.5 mm


59.5 - 61 cm

23-1/2" - 24"

9 mm

10.5 mm


61 - 62 cm

24" - 24-1/2"

4.5 mm

6 & 7.5 mm



Comfort strips are available to help achieve a fit that offers maximum comfort and stability for smaller and in-between head sizes and shapes. Gath Convertible Helmets are fitted with a unique, soft foam peel-and-stick comfort strip to provide a secure, comfortable fit. Choose a helmet size and comfort strip combination that provides a snug fit. With the chinstrap firmly tightened, test for movement. The helmet must not be loose. When fitting, allow a little time for the soft foam comfort strip to compress, then determine if the fit is firm with no uncomfortable pressure points. The helmet you choose should fit firmly enough to prevent ease of movement while still remaining comfortable. If you are unable to obtain the correct fit, contact your local distributor regarding special fitting kits and techniques. Gath foam comfort strips are held to the helmet liner by pressure sensitive tape. If the comfort strip is removed or becomes loose, it can be re-attached using super-glue. Simply glue between the outside edge of the comfort strip and helmet liner comfort strip trench. The location and thickness of comfort strips can be varied to accommodate head shape. For a “long” head, use thicker strips on the sides and thinner strips on the front & back. For a “round” head, use thicker strips in the front and/or back, and thinner strips on the sides.

Comfort Strips

52-0504 4.5mm

52-0506 6.0mm

52-0507 7.5mm

52-0509 9.0mm

52-0510 10.5mm

52-0512 12mm



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