Gath Surf Convertible Helmet

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The Surf Convertible preserves your field of vision and lets you control how much your hearing is affected. It also provides sun protection for the face, eyes and scalp to help prevent skin cancer and pterygia.

Remove the earpieces and wear the skull cap only to optimize hearing, balance and cooling. For maximum protection and warmth, wear with ear protectors for full head and ear coverage

 Available in white, black, blue, red or silver (choose grey in tab)



Head Measure

Head Measure

Comfort Strip

Additional Strip(s)

S (code 1)

54 - 55.5 cm

21-1/4" - 21-7/8"

10.5 mm

12 mm

M (code2)

56 - 57.5 cm

22" - 22-5/8"

7.5 mm

6 mm

L (code 3)

58 - 59 cm

22-7/8" - 23-1/4"

9 mm

10.5 mm

XL-XXL (code 4)

59.5 - 61 cm

23-3/8" - 24"

4.5 mm

6 and 7.5 mm














Measure head circumference around the middle of the forehead. Since head shapes vary, this size chart is only a guide.
Small and medium sizes weigh 280g; large and X-large weigh 305g.

Add size code from chart:

52-140_ White
52-141_ Black
52-142_ Blue
52-143_ Red
52-144_ Silver

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