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Complete SkySki

Limited Edition Evolution

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The best combination of high end components for the competitive, & recreational hydrofoiler. The Limited Evo has all the bells and whistles; Light weight Limited Edition board, Limited Edition foil, as well as the sturdy and lightweight Evolution tower.

Evolution Tower

(20-0915) The Evolution Tower is the latest development in strong, lightweight seat tower design, and yet this seat tower takes it even further! With over an inch of travel at the center of the seat plate, this tower has a rock solid feel on take-off, and can still take the edge off the hard impact of landing those huge airs. The dual opposing hinges allow for the even, consistent flex of the entire G-10 seat plate. With the seatbelt swivel mounts mounted on the hinges themselves the belt stays tight even when the plate flexes. Braced in the front and back, this tower is strong enough to handle all the big air you can dish out! Bright dip anodized for a corrosion resistant finish, the main components black and the interior components red. This tower weighs in at under 9lbs!

L.E. Lightweight Board

(30-0500L) The board is made with a high density closed-cell lightweight foam core and premium fiberglass materials, then compression molded for optimum strength, durability & performance.

The Bindings

(50-0106) The soft, stretchable rubber bindings and comfortable molded EVA footpads insure a secure and comfortbale fit for all different sizes and shapes of feet. (One size fits most)

The L.E. Foil

(40-0500) The L.E. foil is the main reason the Limited Edition has been so successful over the years. The T-bar is made with an even higher grade 7000 series aircraft quality aluminum, and its one solid piece. This means it has unparalleled strength & performance characteristics! With no joint at the strut fuselage junction, and due to the fact that the 7000 series aluminum is so much stronger than the 6000 series, and with much better memory characteristics too, we are able to make the L.E. t- bar much slimmer, which reduces drag. Reducing drag makes the foil release from the water quicker & easier, increasing your “pop” significantly. It also has quicker “re-flight” upon landing, which will make those combo tricks much easier! The LE t-bar has a “wet strut length” of 37”. The L.E. Foil comes with the Pro rider tested & proven Max-Air Front Wing, and Fling Rear wing.

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