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Shock Seat Tower

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The Shock Tower features a durable, silver powdercoated finish, 2“ thick seatpad with Traxx surface to keep you stuck to the seat, the Sky Ski Double locking belt, and ratcheting handles for a sure-grip when tightening the foil in. What’s the right amount of pressure for me? The amount of air pressure for each rider is determined by his or her weight, speed and skill.

These are the three factors that need to be accounted for while determining what air pressure you should use. A good basic formula is to add the three together, (determine your skill by # of feet out of he water you regularly jump the foil) that number should be your starting point for your shock pressure. (For Risse shocks add 25 lbs pressure to that number)

Please note the zip-tie on the lower shaft of the shock. This is to be used as a reference as to the maximum amount of compression the Shock Tower was subjected to in your previous ride.

If this zip tie is closer than ½ inch from the bottom of the shock you are in need of more air pressure, as the shock is close to bottoming out on max compression. Bottoming out the shock will significantly reduce the life of the shock. (Blown Shocks are NOT covered under warranty).

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